The Shunamite Diet

Posted by codeedar on October 31, 2012 at 2:30 AM

I'm experimenting to find the healthiest diet for longevity, vitality and immunity for the mischief.

Lab blocks are boring, often ignored and attract weavil moths. For the past year I've made up my own grain mixes that include rolled oats, weatbix, puffed rice, cornflakes, dog kibble and parrot seed mix. Fresh fruit and veg includes corn on the cob, banana, tomato, apple and strawberries. Squeezy fruit baby puree are always popular. Other treats are wholewheat bread, crackers, corn chips, pasta (cooked), cereal/muesli. Lab blocks are either included in the mix or available.

Now I'm trying the Shunamite Diet.

This text is copied and summarised (without permission). 

1. Take a suitable base food (50-60%): grain-based, minimally processed
2. Add carefully chosen human cereal (20-25%): fortified with minerals, low salt/sugar
3. Add seeds, vegetables and herbs for variation and interest
4. Add a source of protein (5-10%): eg: pumpkin seeds, soya flakes, chick peas, peas & other legumes (soaked & roasted), kibble, 
Treat ingredients
Added in very small amounts, or hand fed: Nuts, dried fruit.


Below is a photo of the mix I made last night:

1. Grains: oats (rolled), barley (flaked), kamut (puffed), millet (puffed), quinoa (puffed), rye (flaked), barley (flaked), spelt (flaked), rice (puffed).

2. Human cereal: cornflakes, weatbix

3. Seeds/Vegetables & herbs: vegetable pasta spirals, soya pasta spirals, buckwheat kernels 

4. Protein: dog kibble, sunflower seeds

I'm missing herbs. I'm not sure what kind to include. More research is needed. 

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